Cohesión Social
16 May, 2016
“Tierra de jaguares”
17 June, 2016

It is one of the most outstanding in the Fideco Fund, it seeks to strengthen civil society organizations to influence the national environmental agenda.

The work of the program focuses on strengthening the actions of the organizations implementing projects financed by Fundación Natura and in assisting environmental initiatives of organized civil society, provided that they are in accordance with the general guidelines, national environmental policies and focused on the stated principles of the program.

The Capacity Building Program have three components:
• Strengthening of Networks and Partners
• Support of Environmental Initiatives
• Promote people participation

The guidelines of the program contemplates that actions and initiatives that are supported must be framed in at least one of the following criteria:

1. Planning and follow-up / monitoring meetings 2. New environmental initiatives 3. Internships 4. Ecological conferences 5. Inputs for the continuity of processes 6. Technical assistance 7. Seminars - workshops 8. Environmental education 9. Study results

10. Environmental commemoration 11. Incentives and recognitions 12. Environmental culture 13. Publications and productions 14. Meetings and forums 15. Conferences, congresses, seminars 16. Adaptive agro-ecological techniques 17. New techniques for the management of Natural Resources