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Full administration

Financial and technical administration is carried out, based on the project cycle, according to the following processes: operational planning, adjudication, implementation follow-up and accountability.

Middle administration

It's designed according to the "client", and it has components of financial and technical administration, without completing the project cycle.

Basic administration

The financial administration of the funds is only made according to a budget and an agreed plan with the client.

Green Coalitions

There's an added value for the Corporate Social Responsibility programs of private sector partners, investing their donations in the portfolio of sub-projects that are being executed.

Pro Bono

Resources for conservation are financially administered, in exceptional cases, with some technical element. The cost for Fundación NATURA is minimal, subsidizing its administration. In some cases, remuneration is received as recognition, in kind, or others.

  • “Fundación NATURA has left a national and international mark. Several organizations have observed what NATURA itself is and how much it has contributed to the people and communities that are around the worth preserved natural areas.”
    Lisandro Madrid
    Board of trustees President
  • “Natura has helped a lot of sectors, we have tried to instill that people can stand by themselves, we have taken education to the most limited places and distant places.”  
    Lorenzo Hincapié
    Executive branch of the government
  • “The greatest contribution of NATURA is that it has been forming an environmental awareness in the public and similar associations, which with its contribution and management has improved those that had some difficulties and because of that, the universe of environment associations has expanded”
    Ariel Vaccaro
    Board of trustees Former President
  • "Natura has contributed to being an organization that can administer public funds in a transparent and responsible way"
    Diego Dipieri
    National Association of Reforesters and Allies
  • "The general movement had its moment and Natura had the vision to join at the right time, opened spaces that were not open in Panama, in my opinion part of the specific projects has helped to create awareness"
    Jorge Arosemena
    City of Knowledge
  • "The main contribution of Natura is the economic funds mainly to all the protected areas, besides the push to very important private projects at all the country"
    Chris Lam Giner
    Panamanian Institute of Architecture and Urbanism
  • "The greatest attribute of Natura has been the consistency of remaining in those projects in communities, in Protected Areas with constancy through more than 20 years contributing to the conservation of natural resources"
    Carla López
    Panamanian Association of Business Executives