Fundación Naturafinancially manages resources for conservation, in exceptional cases, with some technical element. The cost for Fundación Natura is minimal, subsidizing its administration. In some cases, remuneration is received as recognition or in kind.

This work scheme is characterized by having a synergy of strategy and collaboration between Fundación Natura and the organization, where the benefits of the funds leave both parties with a recognized growth for the conservation of natural resources and the management of the prioritized watersheds where Fundación Natura has a remarkable work scheme.

The goal of pro bono is to integrate efforts, and achieve important conservation initiatives. These objectives create a management plan to promote the development and implementation of pilot projects within the selected sub-basins.

For this work scheme, a participatory planning process is required from both parties where an Action Plan is prepared to help improve inter-institutional coordination, propose solutions and participate in the promotion of policies based on an adequate integrated management of sub-basins.

Among the objectives of these projects are the improval of the environmental management capacity of the project's participants, and the strengthening of the coordination mechanisms within the project. Fundación Natura is committed to establishing the administrative and financial mechanisms by which funds are received, managed and disbursed as a means to make the effective execution of the project viable. It is also responsible for reviewing and evaluating compliance with all the aspects contemplated in the Action Plan, including the activities carried out during the project's time period and presenting the corresponding reports.