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9 March, 2016
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The Ecological Trust Fund of Panama (FIDECO) was established on January 25, 1995, through an initial heritage between the Government of Panama, represented by the Minister of Economic Policy Planning (nowadays Ministry of Economy and Finance "MEF") and on the other hand,The Nature Conservancy "TNC".

The FIDECO initial heritage was covered by the Trust Law of the Republic of Panama (Law No. 1 of January 5, 1984) and the provisions of the International Agreement USAID No. 525-0308 of June 7, 1991, and its amendments, signed between the Governments of Panama and the United States of America, "MARENA Project"

The initial heritage of the Trust was for the sum of Twenty-Five Million Dollars of the United States of America (US $25,000,000). The initial contributions to this Patrimonial Fund were given as follows: Eight Million US Dollars. (US $8,000,000) donated by USAID and Two Million US dollars. (US $ 2,000,000) donated by TNC, which both were pursuant to USAID Agreement No. 525-0308, and Fifteen Million US Dollars (US $15,000,000) channeled through the reflows of the USAID Donation Agreement No. 525-0304 (FREN Program).

The fundamental responsibility of Fundación Natura as a trustee of FIDECO is to administer a program of financial assistance, in support of conservation and environmental activities contemplated in the MARENA Project, which are to be developed by entities designated by the Government of Panama, mainly the Instituto Nacional de Recursos Renovables (National Institute of Renewable Resources) (today Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente (National Environmental Authority) "ANAM"), and qualified non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational entities and community associations.



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