Fundación Natura Fundación Natura is characterized by having an avant-garde organizational model with economic independence. Sustained in its ability to handle and manage various environmental funds, to promote and generate environmental initiatives, it administers funds under the Middle Administration scheme, which is designed according to the guidelines that have been agreed with the financing source. This scheme has financial and technical administration components.

The problem that Fundación Natura addresses within this scheme is the loss of ecosystems and their biodiversity, in topics such as forest coverage, protected areas, wetlands and biodiversity, and as a purpose, it's aimed to position the environmental goods and services of the ecosystems through their economic and environmental valuation in prioritized watersheds, through participatory processes involving strategic actors, with an integrated watershed approach, participatory diagnostics, generation and analysis of information for decision making and proposal design, which allow to influence the key actors in the sustainable management of natural resources in the environment.

An example of middle administration are the coffee farms in Capira, where several organizations and producers promote the correct use of the soil, through the initiative called good practices that are complemented with proposed techniques so that these resources, such as coffee, can produce better fruits and thus the agricultural frontier is not extended, which is a growing threat within this and other regions.