Fundación Natura manages funds under the Basic Administration scheme, in which the funds are approved by a donor, and are aimed towards an organization, institution or government entity, based mainly on a program or project, which requires a plan and an annual operating budget, and goods and services acquisition procedures established by the donor. Within this scheme, the project's execution and technical responsibility belongs to the fund's beneficiary organization.

Fundación Natura implements mechanisms to manage funds that proceed from public and private sectors, in order to carry out activities related to the preparation and implementation of an execution plan and a business plan. In addition, it applies the budget's control and activities' schedules.

The executor, which in this case is the organization requesting the project, carries out the activities according to the schedule and the agreed procedure to achieve the common objectives of conservation and protection of the environment.

As part of this scheme, the financial, accounting and administrative management of each project is consolidated. With these projects, it's sought to use the financial resources in favor of conservation, and the execution of each project is in charge of the organization that has requested it.

Within this type of administration, Fundación Natura benefits significantly from the visibility components that can be presented in each project thanks to direct feedback with society and the country, creating a pattern of collaboration between the organization and Fundación Natura, which is used for these projects' promotion and dissemination. Organizations are taken by the hand to create campaigns or publications within the necessary means in order to promote and develop the project.

Such is the case of the "Parque Municipal Summit", where it's been proposed to develop and implement initiatives aimed at renovating and improving the park's facilities, for the benefit of the many visitors who attend to observe the park's attractions, as well as enrich and restore the habitat of the fauna and flora that coexist in it.

Renovation of the "Parque Municipal Summit"

  • Donor: Panama City Council

  • Fund: Natura

  • Project fund until 2015: $ 299,212.55